Robin the Writer



Our founder, Henry Ford, once promised that the customer could have any colour car they wanted. As long as it was black.

A century later, things have changed around here.  We are going green.

(sorry Henry!)

Meet the latest pony in our stable:

 The Mustang Mach-E

Mustang muscle with a climate conscience!

It’s already been awarded Green Car Journal’s Green Car of the Year 2021.

Being responsible has never been such fun!

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. With technology as innovative as this, there are bound to be questions. We get it. We had them ourselves.

So, let us answer them for you:

“No, it’s actually pretty fast. 0-60mph in less than 4 seconds.”

“No, I was surprised how little time that took. 80% of the battery was recharged in only 45 minutes.”

“I thought that too, but it’s not the case. It actually goes for ages! It did 300 miles on one charge.”

“The carwash? Yes, you can! Who knew?”

Did we get them all…?

In the 1800’s people said that this ‘new-fangled horseless carriage’ was a fad.

Let’s not make the same mistake twice. 

The all-electric Mustang. 

Drive the future, today.