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Something I wrote for the pro-shop at my local golf club:

Easy golf hack revealed.

Lower your handicap without spending hours practicing.

Would you like to win the next club championship and get your name on that trophy?

Our proven method will have you playing better golf in minutes.

The average length of a golf course is 6600 yards. 

Or, to put it another way, 9,000 steps.

That is quite a distance to cover in the wrong shoes. Choose badly and you’ll end up with blisters, aching feet, and swollen ankles.

The key to playing a great round is a great pair of golf shoes.

Don’t believe the myth that equipment doesn’t matter. Below-par shoes will always lead to an over-par day.

Most people buy golf shoes online because it’s convenient and they think they’ll get a bargain.

This doesn’t work.

Each brand has its own approach to sizing and you will rarely find the right shoes for you.

To top it all off, you’ll then have to pay to send them back! 

 We take a rather more bespoke approach in our pro-shop.

First, we assess your specific measurements. After that, your stance, your gait, and your individual playing style. Finally, we introduce you to your perfect pair.

You try them on. And then, you buy them.

Immediately, your golf improves.


They are waiting in the shop now. Don’t let someone else get there first!

Quality shoes should be comfortable from the first day you try them on.

(Just try not to get a hole in one).

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