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The world of social media marketing is a crowded one. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube all provide advertising platforms for the various brands that jostle for position in our busy feeds each day.

The OWNER strategy is the #1 way to succeed in social media marketing!

O – Objectives

Decide what you want to achieve from social media marketing. Whether it is improved revenue, new followers or increased web traffic, make sure you start by defining your goals.

W – Who is your audience?

There is no ‘one size fits all’ marketing message – who are you targeting and will your message appeal to them?

N – New content

A wise man once said ‘content is king’. Make sure to regularly update content – fresh posts, photos and new blog entries will keep people interested.

E – Engage

Social media marketing is a two-way street not a broadcast. Make sure to like, follow, tag and reply to people that engage with you.

R – Results

Social media marketing provides quantifiable results through online metrics. Always compare the results achieved to your initial goals.

Follow these simple steps and you too can become the OWNER of a business with a highly successful social media marketing campaign!

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